Club Seventeen – Mara Gri & Lisa L

Club Seventeen – Mara Gri & Lisa L

Mara Gri & Lisa L – The Shaved And The Hairy
Released: May 21, 2018
Size: 1387 MB | Duration: 27 min | Video: 1280×720, 7176 kbits/s, 25.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎189 kbits/s
It’s a cold day outside but, Mara Gri and Lisa know the perfect way to get warmed up. A little fun out in the white stuff leads to some extremely naughty activities once it’s time to come inside. Both of these girls are shivering at their core and are in need of some warmth. They’ll get all hot and bothered and it will be the result of their lust filled desires. The height of their lesbian love making can be seen once they enter the classic 69 position…
This is when both of them get their fill of tasty teen pussy and it sets into motion something that only a toy could relieve. Satisfaction isn’t what they’re seeking and this becomes painfully evident when they try their best to use a vibrator in ways that few girls even knew were possible. What they desire is the primitive need to fulfill the hormonal fires that rage just below the surface.



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